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We did it! The petition to legally recognize non-binary genders got 100,000 signatures!

How’s that for internet activism?

oh fuuuuck yeahhhh

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Love it!

PREP: HIV Prevention Drug

Doesn’t prevent against other STDs, so don’t throw out those condoms or stop getting tested, but can help with people that have a (+) partner, “high risk sexual activity” or injection drug users that share needles.

Has been approved by the FDA.

Apparently it’s STD awareness month.

Apparently it’s STD awareness month.

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"California Boys Like Me"

I realize that I play the ukulele like the guitar.


important life advice


important life advice

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Anonymous asked: I'm an 18year old girl, I've had two abortions. I'm finally getting my life. I'm going out of state to peruse my dreams in 2weeks. However, 2weeks ago i found out i was pregnant. i'm playing on aborting it next week. i've never regretted my decisions. but i feel so dumb for not taking care of myself and putting myself though this once again. i'm so embarrassed and shameful. I'm feeling down. I know i won't regret it,but I don't know who to talk to.. I don't know how to feel..

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